Mountain Island Charter School


The  link to the full school distance learning plan, can be found HERE.

The counseling team have created two supplemental sites for you to utilize in this uncertain time.  One site, COVID-19 Resources, is filled with informational resources, anxiety and stress management resources, parenting resources, and emergency hotline information.  We have now added an SEL @ Home page filled with free resources for you and your students to utilize while learning from home.  These sites focus on social and emotional learning, mindfulness, character education, and more.  These are the skills our students will need to help them manage these difficult times.  There are even resources that might help you manage these times as well.  Be sure to also follow our new Instagram page, micscounselingnc.  We post daily as an additional way to encourage and support our school community.  Thanks for all you are doing to support our students and our community at this time, and please remember that we are ALL in this together.

COVID-19 Resources

  • Coronavirus - Helpful Expert Tips and Resources - ADAA understands that for many in our public community - especially those who struggle with health anxiety - the current coronavirus outbreak is triggering increased anxiety - especially with such heightened media attention. This page is updated daily to provide helpful tips and strategies from the ADAA mental health professionals  - to help you or a loved one struggling with anxiety around the coronavirus or with general health anxiety concerns.