For the 2023-2024 school year, our Covid 19 policy will follow CDC guidance:
1. If you test positive for Covid 19- isolate (stay home from school) for 5 days (from the start of symptoms (or) from the day you test positive, if no symptoms).
2. If symptoms improve and fever free for 24 hours, can return on day 6. If not, continue to isolate until symptoms have improved and fever free for 24 hours.
3. Upon returning, masks are recommended to be worn through day 10.
COVID-19 Resources from NCDHHS
Click HERE for resources including:
  • Procedures for Response to COVID-19 Cases in K-12 Schools
  • Handling Possible, Suspected, Presumptive or Confirmed Positive Cases of COVID-19 and Potential Exposures


Please contact Gina Hudak ([email protected]) as soon as you are aware that your student has symptoms of Covid-19 or that your student has been exposed to someone that has tested positive to Covid-19.  The school can guide you through the process to ensure that your child can return to school safely and in the shortest time possible.