Mountain Island Charter School

Summer Assignments for Middle School

MICS Middle School Summer Bridge Program 2020

In order to support the continued growth and smooth transition to the rising grade for our students, teachers have developed targeted, self-paced summer curriculum programs open to all students in the areas of Literacy, Math and Science.

Not only will these programs help with the “summer slide”, but they will also ensure students feel confident going into next school year, in spite of the school closures.  Each subject area provides 8 weeks of curriculum that is more targeted than our usual summer enrichment work.  The summer bridge also offers the ability for any student participating to request individual, direct instruction from our content experts!

HOW: Your student’s 2019-2020 ELA, Math and Science teacher will post the summer plans in their Google Classrooms.  All programs are completed online.

WHEN:  The summer program is self-paced.  Work should be completed by the first day of school in August 2020.  Teachers have shared suggested pacing that spreads out the work over 8 weeks, Monday through Friday.  The work is designed to take approximately 30 minutes per subject per day.  This time will vary throughout the programs.  If you find your student is going over the 30 minute per subject timeframe, please reach out to leadership for support.

HELP:  Any questions that students have over the summer should be directed to Ms. Doyle,  She will be able to direct you to technology support or to a content expert who will set up a virtual meeting.  

INCENTIVES: For each subject area that a student completes, they will receive a grade letter boost to their Quarter 1 grade in the 2020-2021 school year.   

  • Additional MS Incentive Schedule
    • For any student who completes the following number of weeks in any subject area (not awarded multiple times for extra subjects):
    • 2 Weeks Complete - Free Ice Cream Pass
    • 4 Weeks Complete - NUT (No Uniform Today) Pass
    • 6 Weeks Complete - Pizza Party or HW Pass
    • 8 Weeks Complete - One Hour Field Time or Snack Pack

We hope families find balance in their summer plans and we would be glad to help any family determine how this best fits their summer schedule. Please, do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding the summer bridge program to Kristi Nemec,