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Early Bird Tryout Paperwork (for Middle School only) will be held on Saturday, July 29th from 9:00-10:00 am in the gym foyer.  This will be a time to avoid tryout day lines and drop off the required SPORTS PHYSICAL, AND MINOR LIABILITY WAIVER and register for tryouts.  IMMUNIZATION RECORDS are to be turned into the health office.
Fall sports 2017-18 tryouts for MIDDLE SCHOOL teams will be held on Tuesday, 8/1 and Wednesday 8/2 at the MICS campus. Times will be determined at a later date.  In the past, the times have been in the morning or late evening due to the heat.  To learn more information about each sport please click on the link below:
The additional 2-day tryout for MS and JV cheer will be held in conjunction with the other Fall 2017 tryouts on August 1st AND August 2nd from 4:30-6:30 pm, team members chose during this round of tryouts will join team members that were chosen in late May.  
There is a mandatory team camp for both MS and JV team members on August 8th AND 9th from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm in the MICS gym. These teams will cheer from both football and basketball seasons.
Fall sports 2017-18 tryouts for HIGH SCHOOL teams will be held on Tuesday, 8/1 AND Wednesday, 8/2 at the MICS campus with the exception of Football (JV & Varsity).  Tryouts for football will be held on Monday, July 31st through Tuesday, August 8th.  Times will be determined at a later date.   
Winter sports for 2017-18 for Middle and High School teams are held in the month of November.
Spring sports for 2017-18 for Middle and High School teams are held in the month of February.


All MICS players MUST have an approved NCHSAA SPORTS PHYSICALS (to be completed by a physician) and a MINOR LIABILITY WAIVER in order to be eligible to tryout for a Fall, Winter or Spring sport prior to the first day of tryouts, no exceptions.  If a player has played a previous sport, the player must have an UPDATED NCHSAA sports physical and minor liability waiver prior to the first day of tryouts.  
Physicals and waivers are good for one full year (395 days).  For example, if your player has had a physical completed on August 30, 2016, it is good until September 30, 2017. (Boy Scouts, Little  League, or Well Check Exams are not accepted in place of an NCHSAA sports physical).

Athletic Eligibility

The purpose of an academic eligibility policy is to ensure that our student-athletes are reminded of the importance of balancing athletics and academics. 
Middle and Upper School Academic Policy (NCHSAA)
A student must have passed a minimum load of work during the preceding semester to be eligible at any time during the present semester.  The semester is normally considered half of the academic year.  All students must also meet local promotion standards, set by the LEA and/or the local school. 
  • A minimum load is defined as five courses in the traditional school schedule, so students must pass 5 of 6 courses.
  • Any student, including seniors, must pass that minimum load, even if they need fewer for graduation.
School assigned consequences for disciplinary infractions must be served as assigned, even if this causes a student to miss an athletic event.
Athletes who are suspended from school for 3 days of accrued suspensions are ineligible for the remainder of the school year.  Athletes who are suspended for aggressive or violent incidents will be immediately removed from participation for the remainder of the school year.


Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their players to and from away games unless there is a bus available to transport the players as a team to the away venue. 


A valid Volunteer Driver Pledge Card, a clear background check, and a copy of a driver's license and valid insurance card are needed in order to drive student – athletes to games. 


Players are permitted to ride home with their parents provided the coach is informed by the player and/or parent.  Parents must give permission for their child to ride with other parents.  MICS will not be liable for violation of this rule.


If you are traveling and come back to school late, it is your responsibility to see that all of your athletes have been picked up or have transportation home.

Matt Steger (High School Athletic Director) 
Leah Bennett (Lower/Middle Athletic Director)