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Principal's Message

We would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in Back to School Night at MICS. We look forward to an amazing school year as we move Onward and Upward!  
Please be reminded that the first school day of the year is crucially important to student success. First day activities are pivotal in helping students become comfortable and confident with new routines, procedures and coursework. Also, did you know that NC public schools do not receive full state funding for students that are absent on the first day of school? We are depending on YOU to make sure that your student is present on the first day of school in the best interest of your child and the school community!

News & Announcements

All Sport Passes!

Now available via Go Fan! All sports pass are for regular home games. We are offering 3 types of passes:

FAMILY PASS: This pass includes 6 passes (up to 6 family members). Families are allowed to transfer an a pass to any member of your family. Once you transfer a pass you may not be allowed to transfer that same pass to a different person.

INDIVIDUAL PASS: (1 person = 1 pass for all sports at regular season games, all year long)

10 GAME PUNCH PASS: this pass allows an individual to use this pass for 10 games of their choice throughout the year. This only applies to regular season games.

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