High School


Mountain Island Charter School High School athletic program offers a variety of different sports in both at the JV and Varsity level for the fall, winter, and spring seasons.  Tryouts are for those that are in grades 9th-12th.  The High School teams are part of the Class 1A North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA).
High School Athletic Events: Dragonfly is a resourceful website to view the schedule and purchase tickets for all high school athletic events throughout the school year. You can sort games by sport, by week, by month or by the whole season. ​It has a link to the ​Go Fan website so families can purchase tickets and a link to the NFHS Network so you can watch the game from ​anywhere. Click HERE!

High School JV and Varsity Teams


If you or your student athlete would like more information about trying out for one of our JV or Varsity teams please click on High School Tryouts.

Varsity Letterman Guidelines

Varsity jackets cost will be $170.00 (includes tax and shipping).  It is the responsibility of the parent to purchase this custom made jacket, MICS will purchase the chenille letter.  Orders will be done through Awards Express.
The MICS athletic department will develop and order form for additional adornments that will become available in the near future (captain logo, all conference, sport specific pins or swiss inserts such as chevron to indicate a number of years lettered, etc.).
Student-athlete must be in good standing academically, passing 5 of 7 courses at the quarter/semester mark closest to the end of their season.  This also applies to an incoming freshman who is granted automatic eligibility per NCHSAA standards.  All student-athletes being considered for a letter must meet the 5 of 7 criteria.
Please Note: In all cases, the head coach has the discretion to consider an athlete who has an exception to the requirements and can determine if he/she has qualified for a letter.  Athletes must complete their season in good standing with all team athletic policies which are listed below:
  • Must turn in uniforms and any borrowed equipment
  • All athletic fees must be paid in full, no past due items
  • Must attend the team celebration at the end of the season (unless approved ahead of time by the coach)
 Teams eligibility and requirements by sport are as follows:
Varsity Volleyball 
  • Play in at least one-third (1/3) of the varsity games during the season. 
Varsity Football
  • Play in at least half (1/2) of the total varsity quarters that occur in the regular season.
  •  Any player on a special team counts for one (1) quarter for each special.  
  • A senior can earn a varsity letter if he has been on the football team for four (4) years in high school and merits a letter.  
  • Be awarded the prep player of the week for three (3) or more times during the season.
  • Any injured player may be awarded a letter provided he continues to attend all practice sessions and it is reasonable to assume that he would have participated in half the quarters played, had he not been injured. 
Varsity Boy's and Girl's Soccer
  •    Play in at least 50% of the halves.
Varsity Cross-Country
  • Varsity runners will earn a letter based on participating in a minimum of ten (10) varsity cross-country meets and consistent effort in both practices and meets.  Athletes must attend 90% of all practices.  
  • Coaches reserve the right to designate those runners based on team leadership, personal dedication, and a runner's attitude.
Varsity Boy's and Girl's Basketball
  • Participate in a minimum of twelve (12) quarters at the varsity level.
Varsity Golf
  • Play one of the first five positions in at least six (6) varsity matches during the season.
  • Any player on the sectional team.
  • Any senior who has played on the golf team for three (3) years or more in high school and cannot meet the requirements listed above.
Varsity Boy's and Girl's Basketball
  • Participate in a minimum of twelve (12) quarters at the varsity level.
Varsity Baseball
  • Play in at least one-third (1/3) of the total varsity innings that occur in the regular season.
Varsity Softball
  • Play in at least one-third (1/3) of the total varsity innings that occur in the regular season.
Varsity Cheerleading
  • Each cheerleader who successfully completes the duties and obligations of a cheerleader as listed in the cheerleader handbook shall receive an athletic letter for that particular year.  Cheerleaders must attend all games on the schedule with the exception of sickness or a pre-approved absence as well as attend all cheer competitions and mandatory events
Varsity Swim
  • Competes in all meets during the season.
  • Competes in a free relay, long-distance swim (200 or 500), and medley relay or im during the swim season.