Mountain Island Charter School


High School (9th - 12th)

The high school has three (3) academic program tracks designed to support academic needs and career interests: College Preparatory, Career Preparatory, and Occupational Course of Study.  Advancement opportunities are available for students through Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses.  Students have the opportunity to take online courses through NCVPS for coursework not offered on campus.  Electives are available for high school students in the areas of Fine and Performing Arts, World Language, Communication, Science & Technology, Health, Physical Education, and Sports.  Check out our 2017-18 course catalog for a list of courses that are being offered in the upcoming year.  High School students are required to have 22 credits to graduate. 

Graduation Requirements

English English I, II, III, IV Total of 4 Credits
Math Math I, II, III and 4th Math Course to be aligned with student's post high school plans Total of 4 Credits
Physical Science
Total of 3 Credits
Social Studies
World History
Civics & Economics
American History I & II
Total of 4 Credits
Health/Physical Education   Total of 1 Credit
Two of the 6 must be in World Languages, Fine Arts or CTE.  For example, Spanish I and Spanish II or Visual Arts 1 and Visual Arts II.  At least 2 years of the same World Language is required for admission to North Carolina 4-year colleges and universities.   Admission to 2-year colleges does not require credits in a World Language.
Total of 6 Credits

Guidance Department

Our guidance counselors provides annual, individualized high school planning that ensures graduation requirements are met and coursework necessary for future goals are completed.  Our high school goal is to provide students and with information pertaining to admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and applications for any post-secondary education institutions.  Our goal is to help parents to prepare students for on-time graduation with an emphasis on post-secondary educational opportunities within our MICS culture.  

Schedule Change (2017-18)

If your student would like to request a change in his/her schedule, please complete the schedule change form and return it to the guidance office or front office, attention to Mrs. Kennedy for students in the 9th grade and to Mrs. Honoré for students in 10th-12th grade.  Forms need to be turned in by Friday, September 1st.  Changes requested per email or voicemail will not be processed.  Please follow your original schedule until you hear from your guidance counselor.

Bell Schedule 9-12th Grade

1st 7:30-8:40
2nd 8:44-9:44
3rd 9:48-10:48
4th 10:52-11:52
5th (part 1) 11:56-12:22
Lunch 12:22-12:48
5th (part 2) 12:52-1:26
6th 1:30-2:30

Dress Code

The school implements a restrictive coordinate dress code to promote a focused and safe learning environment.  A K-12 progressive approach allows for increased choice when developmentally appropriate.  Success depends upon a cooperative partnership between the home and school.


1. Device: High school students at MICS are expected to bring a device that enables them to access the internet and create documents during the school day.  We recommend the Samsung Chromebook which boots up quickly, has a long battery life, is virus free, and is economical. 


Other reliable devices that meet the following criteria are permitted:

  • Boots in 45 seconds or less
  • Has a dual band Wifi Card that supports 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands
  • Has a keyboard for composing
  • At least a 10”screen
  • Operating Systems: Chrome, Windows 7, -OSX 10.7


2. Calculator: All students enrolled in high school math courses are required to purchase a TI-83+  or TI-84+ Graphing Calculator. This device is available from a variety of vendors.


We strongly recommend that students label their device and use a protective backpack or case to protect their device while moving about campus.

Work Permits

To obtain a work permit, please visit NC Labor and complete the application, youth employment certificate online.  This application is required for youth under the age of 18 only upon hiring.  You will need the employer's address, county of employment, and ABC permit status.  Print the certificate and parent and youth must both sign the application and return to the employer.  Note: This permit does NOT require the signature of a school official.

Guest Approval Form

A student requesting to bring a guest who is not a student at Mountain Island Charter School to a school event such as a dance or social must have a Student Guest Approval Form completed and approved before purchasing tickets.  For high school events, guests must be at least a freshman in high school and not over nineteen years of age.  This completed form may be submitted to MICS in person, via fax- (704)827-8675 or email:

Parking Permits

Parking permits are assigned on a first come, first served basis, giving priority to seniors, then juniors, then sophomores.  Parking space is limited, and as such, all students who qualify cannot be guaranteed a space.  Students wishing to park on school grounds should submit their completed applications in a timely manner.  Parking by students on the campus of Mountain Island Charter School is a privilege, not a right; and in consideration thereof, students must abide by requirements and procedures.  Complete the application and turn it into Mr. Humphrey in the middle/high school office.

Early Release/Late Arrival 2016-17 (Seniors Only)

*Completion of this form does not guarantee a student will be given an Early Release or Late Arrival*  
The Early Release and Late Arrival are privileges in which the school maintains the discretion to revoke at any time for failure to comply with any of the following expectations. Students must: 
1. Comply with all school rules. 
2. Provide their own transportation to/ from school. 
3. Student should maintain regular and prompt attendance at school, per the times indicated below.
4. Maintain a 70 or above average in every course. 
5. For Early Release:  Leave campus at the approved time and return no earlier than 2:20 pm for after-school activities.  
Procedure for Requesting Early Release/Late Arrival 
1. Complete the Early Release/Late Arrival Form (including parent signature) and return it to the Guidance office. 
2. Your form must be signed by a parent/ guardian and returned to the Guidance office to be considered for this option.

Extracurricular Activities

At MICS we offer our high school students with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities.  These activities include:
  • Student Government
  • Clubs and Social Groups
  • Pinning and Ring Ceremony
  • Homecoming
  • Prom
  • Senior Class Events
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Student Leadership Initiative
    • Over 80 students currently participating in authentic service and leadership roles within the school.
    • Civil Air Patrol

Middle/High School Principal
Glenn Byrum