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MICS Board of Directors 2020-2021
Laura Jung
Eric LaForce
Kim Leppert
Kelly Loving
Kelly Pledger
Todd Porter
Brett Rhinehardt
Greg Snelson
Kevin Wiley
Richard Zinno
2020-2021 Meeting Calendar
Board Meetings - Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in the Middle/High School C Building Atrium at 5:30 pm.  Please check this webpage for any meeting changes or alterations (i.e. date or location changes, call-ins, etc.). 
Public comments are allowed at Board meetings within MICS guidelines (see below*).  If you would like to address the Board at any meeting, please contact the Board Secretary at
August 10th (Due to NC Phase 2 restrictions, the Board meeting Monday can only take visitors by phone.
Please use the following call-in number if you wish to "attend" the August meeting:
704-382-5555 with code 148721# )
September 14th (Due to NC Phase 2.5 restrictions, the Board meeting Monday can only take visitors by phone.
Please use the following call-in number if you wish to "attend" the September meeting:
704-382-5555 with code 148721# )
October 12th
November 9th
December 14th
January 11th
February 8th
March 8th 
April 12th
May 10th
June 14th
Subcommittee Meetings - Meetings of Academics, Finance, and Governance subcommittees are scheduled as needed.  Meetings occur between monthly board meetings to do initial work for consideration or approval by the full board as needed.  Should your interest or skill set lead you to work with any of these subcommittees, contact any board member for more information.
Meeting dates and places will be posted here as scheduled.
*Public Comment Policy - MICS Board Meetings
The agenda of every regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will include a designated time for public comment by those in attendance.  Individuals or a representative of an organization may address the Board on any subject that falls within the purview of Mountain Island Charter School (MICS).  The speaking order and agenda placement for public comment will be at the discretion of the Board Chair.  A maximum of seven individuals and/or group representatives will be allowed to speak.  Each speaker will be allowed a maximum of three minutes to speak; each group representative will be allowed a maximum of five minutes.  Individuals or group representatives may only make a single appearance at each regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Members of the Board are free to ask questions of and respond to speakers; however, members are not required to respond or directly address speaker comments.  Speakers must give their name and relation to or involvement with MICS at the beginning of their comments.  Speakers and attendees should only address the Board with their comments.  Speakers and attendees should not address other speakers or attendees with their comments.  Communication should be respectful and in a conversational tone at all times.  Sharing or granting speaking time to others is not permitted.  Any materials a speaker desires to provide the Board should be sent to the Board Secretary up to 72 hours before the Board meeting at which they are speaking.  Distribution of materials by speakers or attendees at Board meetings will not be permitted.  Speakers and attendees are welcome to be present for the entire board meeting; however, they may not participate or comment.  DIsruptions or attempts to interact with board members may be grounds to be asked to leave the meeting.  If necessary the Board meeting will be adjourned. 

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May 2020 - The MICS Board will cancel its May meeting due to Phase 1 restrictions and the lack of required board business to conduct.  This change does not mean that the school is not doing important things to finish our 19-20 school year and contemplate potential 20-21 year changes that may be necessary, but those updates are available in the Raptor Call.  The board will be meeting, in whatever way is necessary per restrictions, on their next scheduled date June 8th.  Any changes to the normal meeting place or format due to restrictions will be posted on this page before that meeting.  Thank you to all Raptors for the work you have done to make the past two months a reality for our students and school during this pandemic response.  We are, as always, proud Raptors.

June 2020

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