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Middle School Baseball

2017-18 Season
Head Coach: Ken Osterndorf
Assistant Head Coach: Austin Booker
Spring 2017 Tryouts
Monday  2/5  - 6th graders ONLY
Tuesday 2/6 -  7th graders and uncut 6th graders
Wednesday 2/7 - 8th graders and uncut 6th and 7th graders
Time: 3:00-5:00 pm
Location: 14516 Lucia Riverbend Hwy  Mt Holly NC 28120 (New Covenant United Methodist Church - NCUMC which is our old campus).

Spring sports tryouts will take place on Monday-Tuesday, February 5-6. 6th-grade students who are trying out for a spring sport are encouraged to alert their teacher regarding their early dismissal.  6th-grade girls trying out for soccer are to leave class at 2:45 pm and check in with coach Perna at the gym. For softball, baseball and golf, parents should sign out their child in the C building office and then take them to the designated location.  Parents may use the back entrance and may park in the gravel lot in front of the C Building or the fire lane in front of the gym (where athletic carpool lines up every day).  Names of those who attended tryouts will be given to school leadership to update attendance records of any participating students that may have been marked absent in their 7th-period classes.  Ms. Kennedy will assist with making necessary 7th-period schedule adjustments for any 6th-grade students that earn a spot on a roster.


1st Practice - Thursday 2/8  3:00-5:00 pm
It is mandatory that all players attend ALL tryout dates.  Each player must have an NCHSAA sports physical and MICS liability waiver on file with Ms. Bennett before they participate.  (NCHSAA physicals/waivers are good for 395 days).  All paperwork must be turned in no later than 1:00 pm on day of tryouts via one of the following methods:
  • At the front office
  • Ms. Bennett's office
  • Fax to 704-827-8675
  • Hand deliver at tryouts upon checking in
Please DO NOT email the forms, all forms must be printed and turned in.  If your child's doctor is faxing the forms, they need to be faxed no later than 1:00 pm on day of tryouts.
Practice dates and times will be posted at a later date.
There is a mandatory parent meeting that will be held on, Tuesday, February 13th from 6:00-7:00 pm in the MICS gym for those who have kids on a roster after tryouts are completed.  Attendance is required for your child to be eligible to participate, season information, transportation, schedule management, website, fees, policies, state-required forms, and information, etc. are all covered.  *NOTE* If you attended a 2017-2018 fall or winter parent meeting then you are exempt.
MS Spring Season Information Email

This email is packed full of important information that you will need for the Fall season.  There are links to the calendar program/registration program, optional spirit packs, and Power Point presentations to help walk you thru everything.  The attached presentation from the meeting includes all links to articles, BigTeam app info, NFHS optional course, etc.


  • Big Teams/Schedule Star – is the calendar program and is the “go to” place for the most up to date information, including practice and game schedules, dismissal, departure and game times, transportation info, and venue directions.  The MICS website is not live, only Big Teams is immediately updated with changes.  I have attached the Power Point from the parent meeting that guides you thru set up, those who used Schedule Star/Big Teams last year all you need to do is make sure you have your team indicated in your favorites under your account settings. If you previously had an account with Schedule Star it should have gone thru the conversion with Big Teams last spring. Most important step is making sure you choose MICS as your school, a private school in Pittsburg is the default that loads until you choose MICS.  If you do not set up your Big Teams account you will NOT receive any game or practice change, venues change, times change notifications.  If you see a blank by the venue it’s because we are awaiting the school to give us an address, if there is no time then we are awaiting a game time from the host school.  Please prepare for travel ahead of time (at least the day before), do not wait until you are in the line for pickup to ask for an address, as there can be as many as 6 or 7 teams travelling on the same day. It is also your responsibility to pre-arrange a ride for your child if you are not driving, please do not assume that someone will just take your child day of as most vehicles are full and have already arranged to fill their car.  Failing to pre arrange makes it very stressful for everyone involved, especially your child.  You should reach out to your sports’ families for ride help.


  • All Players Registration – All of the required forms are done electronically through All players, please follow the link below to set up our account and complete the forms.  Remember these are due no later than February 20th, if they are not completed by midnight February 20th your child will not be eligible to participate until they are done.  YOU MUST COMPLETE THE CHEKOUT PROCESS AND PROVIDE A MAILING ADDRESS TO RECEIVE A CONFIRMAITON NUMBER, NO NUMBER MEANS YOU HAVEN’T COMPLETED THE PROCESS.



 Get the schedule on your phone:

  • Schedule Star mobile site link  - this will give you schedule, link to maps, departure info, and transportation info, but it is not an app, you will need to bookmark it on your phone.


Fee Payments – Payments need to be made using the link provided on the MICS website.


  • Find Participation Fee icon -- select season (Spring, Fall, Winter)

         Select your sport -- MS / HS split important

         Add to cart

                  Continue shopping to complete the above process for all family kids participating

         Make sure your cart is accurate and select "Checkout"

         Key in your information - Name, email, phone, credit card details

                        BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER MUST KEY ALL PARTICIPANTS FIRST & LAST NAMES  in text box below the Total charged

         Need all names to verify/reconcile participant listing

                        Hit "Place Order"


Fees are due by February 27th.


  •         Optional Team spirit packs  - separate email with instructions. You may choose from the offerings, you do not have to buy any or all items.



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Ken Osterndorf
2017-18 Roster
Barber, Jake '23
Booker, Avery '24
Borman, Evan '22
Boyd, Ethan '22
Coffin, Tyler '23
Davis, Logan '24
Easter, Caden '22
Fermin, Jayden '23
Hadley, Leonard '22
Howard, Will '22
Hunter, Nate '23
Keistler, Grayson '22
Leeson, Tanner '22
McEachern, Seth '23
Moore, Thomas '23
Osterndorf, Jack '14
Singleton, Nate '15
West, Jacob '22