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What's a Charter School?

What's a Charter School?
Charter schools provide parents a choice in the education of their children — and it is a public choice.  Public tax dollars are the primary funding sources for charter schools.  Local, state, and federal dollars follow the child to a charter school.  The schools have open enrollment with no discrimination, no religious associations, and no tuition. (Courtesy of NC DPI Office of Charter Schools Website).
How do you enroll in a charter school?
Parents must contact each individual school to see if they have openings.  If they have more applicants than available slots, an open lottery must be instituted to fill the remaining spots.
How much does it cost to attend a Charter School?
Charter Schools are tuition free.  They are public schools and funding for the schools comes from federal, state, and local taxes.
Are charter school teachers certified?
Yes, but with more leeway.  The state requires 75% of charter school teachers in elementary school to be certified while 50% in middle and high school must be certified.  However, charter school teachers must follow No Child Left Behind requirements for highly qualified staff.
Do charter schools take the state mandated ABCs tests?
Yes.  All charter schools are required to take the state-mandated tests.  For charter schools test results please visit http://abcs.ncpublicschools.org/abcs.